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The Light of God is not something reserved only for spiritual giants of the past. Each and everyone of us is a beloved child of God and as such, we too can experience the Light of God. It comes in many forms and ultimately is an expression of God’s Love for us.


Some twenty years ago, at my very first spiritual retreat at the Nature Awareness School, I experienced the Light of God in two wondrous ways. A lovely evening was quickly giving way to night, as my teacher, Del Hall suggested we find a comfortable spot in the woods to try a simple spiritual exercise which he had just shared with us. As the first stars began to appear in the darkening sky, I found a place in the woods that seemed just right for me. A thick summer canopy of oaks, hickory, and maples formed a high arched ceiling above me, with just a very small window to the sky visible through the leaves. As I settled down on a comfortable old blanket upon the forest floor, I began to sing HU, an ancient song of love for God which seemed brand-new to me at the time. As I sang this ancient name for God, I became aware of a gentle, deep blue light which appeared before me. As I kept my eyes closed and continued with the HU song, I saw the light grow in both size and intensity until it nearly surrounded me. It was beautiful and serene, strong, but not blinding. I allowed it to surround me, and I felt almost as if an old friend was lovingly and gently placing a blanket or comforter around me. I knew without a doubt that this blue light was a divine expression of love being shared with me.

Del had suggested that we sing HU for a few minutes, then ask, “Creator, please show me love.” I felt that I had already been shown before I even asked, yet I continued as my teacher suggested and whispered, “Creator, please show me love.” As soon as I had done so, I had a strong urge to open my eyes and look up, into the forest canopy and the tiny window to the sky. As I did so, a brilliant, white shooting star blasted its way across the little bit of sky which was visible to me. Awestruck, I leaned back and gazed at the little patch of sky in wonder. Of course I had seen meteors before, but this appeared at the very instant I asked to be shown God’s Love, right through the center of my tiny view of the sky. I knew that this was a physical expression of God’s Love for me.

Later, after discussing this experience in class with Del, I began to understand that the gentle blue light I and some others had seen is rather like a calling card from the Prophet, an invitation to draw nigh to God and embark on the grandest adventure of all. And the meteor? Well, no one else in the class saw a meteor. For me, the experience helped me to see that there is absolutely no limit to the manner in which God can bestow light and love upon us, the children of God. And ever since then, every shooting star which I happen to see reminds me of that moment when God became more of a living reality to me, and that God loves me, just as God loves you.

Written by Tim Donley

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