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To be physically alive is not the same thing as having life. It is when we awaken in consciousness to our Divinity that we can truly have an abundant life. It is our connection and loving relationship with the Divine that fuels this growth.  -Enjoy

The study of your dreams can help awaken you to your Divinity. Your next two opportunities are within reach.


I recently recalled a story my mother told me when I was younger. She said that while she was seven months pregnant with me she tripped and began to fall down a steep flight of stairs. She told me that she was sure she would have fallen on her stomach. As she was falling she felt an invisible hand catch her and put her back on her feet.

She did not know whose hand it was, but was sure of her experience and how it saved her from injury and saved my life. She expressed that the impact of how she was falling would likely have killed me.

Five years later, I was on a fishing trip with my father. My younger brother and I were playing on a pier as he fished across the pond. I reached out to grab something in the water and fell in. I was only five and did not know how to swim. I remember falling into the water and sinking. As I sunk, I looked up and could see the light breaking through the top of the water. I began to wave my arms to swim to the top and just as I did this, an unusual burst of energy propelled me to the top. I broke through the water so fast that I was able to grab the pier and pull myself up very easily.

So, here I am forty-one years later reflecting on those experiences over morning coffee. As I contemplate, what stands out to me is that I was touched by the “Hand of God,” and it saved my physical life very literally back then. However, I did not have “life” in the truest sense until I began to learn how to have a relationship with the Divine. This began in 2005.

I learned, and am still learning, how to do that from my teacher Del at the Nature Awareness School. He has opened my spiritual eyes and given me the fundamentals to live an abundant life. Some might ask “why was I saved?” I know that it was because before I was even born, I had a dream in my heart to “Manifest my Divine Nature.” I wanted to find my teacher, and I did.

Written by Tash Canine

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