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HU is an ancient name for God that can be sung quietly or aloud in prayer. HU has existed since the beginning of time in one form or another and is available to all regardless of religion. Singing HU a few minutes each day will bring more love, joy, peace, and clarity into your life. It can also be sung when you are upset or fearful and need help rising to a higher view of the situation. It is a pure way to express your love to God and give thanks for your blessings. Singing HU (H-U-U-U-U) pronounced “hue” serves as a tuning fork that brings you into greater harmony with the Divine.

Most importantly, as this testimony illustrates, singing HU helps you to find and connect with an appropriate spiritual guide. Connecting with and developing this relationship is the key to spiritual liberation. EnjoyWaves-at-the-beach-wallpaper_5057

The HU was shared with me about fourteen years ago by my aunt and uncle. The first time I sang it in a group, I wept. It awakened something inside of me. My heart was opening to express pure love to God and I now know that it was the eternal part of me (Soul) crying tears of joy. I cherish The HU and have grown to sing it faithfully many times throughout the day. Each time I feel refreshed, more at peace and more grateful. Sometimes I am aware of a blessing or an experience and sometimes I am not. Over the years I have received a lot of healing when singing HU.

This summer at a week long class at Nature Awareness School I experienced a profound healing while singing HU. During an opportunity to have alone time at the class I hiked to Vision Rock, sat down and sang HU. I did not ask for a healing nor did I even know I needed one. I just prayed to give all my love to God and be receptive to whatever and however it came back. I invited Del, The Prophet, whom I trust immensely, to join me. We met in my inner vision and to my surprise we traveled in our soul bodies above space and time into past and future lives. I had an amazing experience and a healing that penetrated into the past, present and future all at once. I was shown all the areas of my lives where there had actually been love but it had not been recognized. I was also shown God’s love flowing into areas that truly were devoid of love. It was both a retroactive and future reaching healing. To say my past, present and future received healing during an out of body experience might be much for some to accept, but none the less it is true. My spiritual guide, The Prophet, is authorized to do this and it was the singing of the HU that opened me to this blessing.

It is humbling and exciting to know that I cannot grasp the full measure of God’s love, grace and mercy. Nor do I need to. This healing showed me that giving my love to God via singing HU came back to me a thousand times over. It is difficult to put words to this healing and what it means to me. It is changing my life for the better and even changing the lives of people around me.

The HU continues to reveal more to me as I grow in my ability to receive God’s blessings. I may never comprehend its value completely, but my heart knows that no matter what I go through in life; God’s love can open me to Divine blessings. I know it was the singing of HU that raised me up to a higher level where my spiritual guide could bless me. This blessing would not have been possible without the many years of conditioning my guide spent preparing me for that healing. Without the guide, singing HU alone could not have taken me on the journey of healing I experienced.

I learned from that experience that we all have wounds we may or may not be aware of from this life and even past lives. We all carry a burden equal to our measure. They affect the way we view the world, the choices we make, and our ability to give and receive Love. My experience during The HU gave me more compassion for myself and others. I have always appreciated The HU, but now I understand more of it’s incredible healing power.

Written by Tash Canine