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The following relates to a topic that I usually do not share publicly – but felt I would burst if I did not openly express my gratitude… so here goes. Someday if my grandkids ask what I was doing on  12-12-12  I’ll be able to tell them I was giving thanks for one more year of life. Even more accurate – another day. On the 12th of December last year I survived yet another brain surgery for the removal of a recurring tumor. To tell someone you’ve had four brain surgeries makes it sound commonplace. I assure you – it is not. Most are lucky to make it through one, and here I am 25 years and 4 surgeries later. I have been fortunate to have been led to some of the world’s greatest surgeons, literally, but I know the true credit goes to God. No one but God could have seen to it that I would not only survive, but thrive all these years. I have a genuine Trust and Faith that this experience was exactly what I needed in this life – it has made the days sweeter. (It took me a few years to come to this perspective)  Thanks be to God… I love you. Thank you also to those who prayed for me – I know it made a difference.

Why am I still here….what do I do with this gift of life? Give thanks, love and service to God of course… but how do I do that? Well – I get up everyday with gratitude in my heart. I embrace the gift of life doing things I love and cherishing every moment. I truly believe when one is doing what they love and their heart is open that it makes a difference to all those around them. Each and every one of us can be a point of light in our respective spheres. When our hearts are open we can hear the guiding voice of the Divine. It is not the grand list of accomplishments I seek… it is the sustained, day in day out, cherishing of life. It is the never-ending list of “small things” done with an open heart that sculpt a life of gratitude. A life of meaning. If you want to make this life count – start today… enjoy a cup of coffee with a loved one, open a door with a smile for a stranger, cook a meal for your family with joy in your heart, comfort a friend in need, hug your children, do something you love…take a walk in the woods, rake leaves and breath deep, work in the garden, listen to your favorite song… and on and on. Appreciate your blessings no matter how small they seem. It is not the activity itself that is the qualifier, it is the motivation behind it. Do what you do with gratitude… the secret of Love. There is always something to be grateful for if you take a moment to reflect. This life is a gift from God – how sad if we don’t find a way to appreciate it while we have it. What a great way to testify to the mighty Love of God by being a vehicle for his Love in all we do throughout the day. Open your heart – abundance follows!

I do not let the challenges I have been through define me. I am not the health problem – I am Soul, a child of God. I instead choose to see it as a gift and focus on the many blessings it has brought me. You too, are a child of God and you exist because God loves you. It is really that simple and yet that profound… the answer to the riddle of the ages.

Whatever you end up doing today, do it with Love… it makes all the difference. And what is it I’ll be doing today? I’m currently working on this incredible cup of coffee which I’m truly grateful for… then I’m going to split some firewood to keep our home warm and make some cookies with the kids. I hear there is a spiral ham in the works for dinner. Maybe even get some painting done this evening. These are all profound gifts of life!

Thanks for listening…enjoy your day !