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Dreams play a big part in our spiritual growth and provide us an opportunity to experience the Light and Love of God. At times our dreams also show us what the future may bring. They can plant the seed for the dreams of our heart to manifest here in the physical.

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We were on vacation. I stretched out in the grass enjoying the warmth of the sun and the delicate breezes flowing across the water. I picked up my brush and added a few more strokes to the canvas. It had been so long since I last painted! I was attempting to capture the beauty of the sun’s reflection as it danced across the quiet rippling of the lake.

My husband Mark was there, along with my aunt, her husband, and son. Mark and I were staying in a cabin that sat right on the lake. We shared a picnic lunch together and visited all afternoon. It was a pleasure to be together in this place.

We decided it was time to say goodbye. I walked through the dim interior of the cabin to meet my aunt on the front porch. As I stepped out, light brighter than many suns shone down upon us. I saw her swallowed up in blazing gold and white. It was God’s glorious Light! It was moving and sparkling. Then I saw nothing, but just was. To my surprise we began to sing together in perfect harmony. I became absorbed in the sound seeming to rise higher while also staying still. Our voices were rich and the sound was unlike anything I had heard before. It was pure freedom and joy.

As I woke up from this dream experience, I could still hear the beautiful echoes of that heavenly sound and feel the warmth of God’s loving Light washing over me. Not only I, but my aunt had been touched by God’s Light and Sound. My aunt and I shared a pure love Soul to Soul for each other and also for God. Bathing in His glorious Light we could not help but sing. The singing itself was a beautiful blessing. It was so freeing and natural to be able to express love like that.

A year or so after I had this dream my aunt and her family moved to Houghton Lake, Michigan. We decided to plan a visit to go see them and we rented a cabin on the lake. It was then that Prophet helped me see the connection. My dream was manifesting in my outer life! I began to realize that this trip was a significant part of my spiritual syllabus and also would bless my family. I thank you Prophet for allowing me this experience and for blessing those I love.

Written by Carmen Snodgrass