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Often we are given the “eyes to see” at the perfect time in our journey through life. There is no sense in losing sleep just because we did not recognize it earlier. Trust that God’s timing is perfect and He knows when we are ready to accept the blessing He has to offer.

Are you ready to accept the blessings contained within our books?


Have you ever had the experience where more is shared and understood by looking someone in the eye than by any words exchanged? I was given a dream in which I do not recall any words being spoken, but what was said through a glance altered my life more than any other dream I have had. During a dream over ten years ago, my teacher, the Prophet, introduced me to my future husband. While I had known Chris as a fellow student at the Nature Awareness School for almost five years, our conversations had remained casual, nothing more. We both had been in prior relationships and had not seen more than a friendship and a common love of the school between us. In the late fall of 2004 this began to change. But it was not until a winter night in early 2005 that I was given the eyes to see what could be.

In the dream the Prophet was standing before me looking at me with so much love. He knows me so well, has known me forever, and wants what was best for me and to see me truly happy. With love in his eyes, the Prophet stepped to the side, and gave me the eyes to see who stood beside him. Chris stood there with love in his eyes. At this silent introduction the Prophet brought us together in this life. I knew in that unspoken moment that we had loved each other many times before. What was shared without any words was, here is someone who you love and someone who loves you dearly too.

Shortly after this dream Chris and I went on our first date. This dream has become part of our history now ten years and three beautiful children later. But our story did not begin with my dream, it began many lives ago. For me the dream gave me a remembrance of what once was and a premonition of what could be, all in the eyes of the Prophet and my future husband. And while I did not decide to marry him based on this one dream, it was definitely the threshold that opened my eyes to recognize him as the man I love. It was an opportunity to grow in our love for God by learning to express Divine love with each other once again.

As eternal beings the love connection that we share with our loved ones spans beyond space and time. The love that builds and grows in one life leads to the next and creates bonds of love that transcend beyond the confines of the physical world. The Divine reconnects us with those we love as a gift of love. We are given opportunities to heal past hurts and celebrate the joy of life together.

It is by the Grace of God that I was given this opportunity to be with my beloved Chris. Thank you Prophet for knowing me so well and introducing me in a dream to the man whom I have loved so many times before and whom I dearly love now. It is a gift that has made me truly happy.

Written by Molly Comfort