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God ALWAYS has a Prophet of His choice here on Earth. This is the greatest proof of God’s Love for man – a continuous unbroken chain of divinely chosen and trained Prophets sent to help show us the way home. Mankind is never without a Prophet. We are never alone. As the current Prophet of God, my father Del Hall III, is now in this role and has been authorized to share God’s Light, Love, and truth with the world.

The following preface from our newest book will give you an introductory understanding of God’s historical line of Prophets.


YOU can truly have an ABUNDANT LIFE through a personal and loving relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Prophet. This is my primary message to you as the current Prophet of the times. Having a closer relationship with the Divine requires understanding the “Language of the Divine.” God expresses His Love to us, His children, in many different and sometimes very subtle ways. Often His Love goes unrecognized and unaccepted because His language is not well known. The testimonies in this book will show you some of the ways in which God expresses His Love. As you read this book you will begin to learn more of the “Language of the Divine.” The stories span from very subtle Divine guidance to profound examples of experiencing God up close and very personal. After reading this book you will know that your relationship with God has the potential to be more profound, more personal, and more loving than any organized religion on Earth currently teaches.

All the testimonies in this book were written by my students at the Nature Awareness School. It is here that the nature of God, the Holy Spirit, and the nature of Soul are EXPERIENCED under my guidance as a true Prophet of God. The Nature Awareness School is NOT a religion, it is a school. God and His Prophet are NOT disparaging of any religion of love. However, the more a path defines itself with its teachings, dogma, or tenets, the more “walls” it inadvertently creates between the seeker and God. Sometimes it even puts God into a smaller box. God does not fit in any box. The Prophet is for all Souls and is purposely not officially aligned with any path, but shows respect to all.

An introductory understanding of God’s hand-picked and divinely trained Prophet is necessary to fully benefit from reading this book. God ALWAYS has a Prophet of His choice on Earth. Each of God’s Prophets throughout history has a unique mission. One may only have a few students with the sole intent to keep God’s teachings and truth alive. God may use another to change the course of history. God’s Prophets are usually trained by both the current and former Prophets. The Prophet is tested and trained over a very long period of time. The earlier Prophets are physically gone but teach the new Prophet in the inner spiritual worlds. This serves two main purposes: the trainee becomes very adept at spiritual travel and gains wisdom from those in whose shoes he will someday walk. This is vital training because the Prophet is the one who must safely prepare and then take his students into the Heavens and back.

There are many levels of Heaven, also called planes or mansions. Saint Paul once claimed to know a man who went to the third Heaven. Actually it was Paul himself that went, but the pearl is, if there is a third Heaven, it presumes a first and second Heaven also exist. The first Heaven is often referred to as the Astral plane. Even on just that one plane of existence there are over one hundred sub-planes. This Heaven is where most people go after passing unless they receive training while still here in their physical body. Without a guide who is trained properly in the ways of God, a student could misunderstand the intended lesson and become confused as to what is truth. The inner worlds are enormous compared to the physical worlds. They are very real and can be explored safely when guided by God’s Prophet.

Part of my mission is to share more of what is spiritually possible for you as a child of God. Few Souls know or understand that God’s Prophet can safely guide God’s children, while still alive physically, to their Heavenly Home. Taking a child of God into the Heavens is not the job of clergy. Clergy have a responsibility to pass on the teaching of their religion exactly as they were taught, not to add additional concepts or possibilities. If every clergy member taught their own personal belief system no religion could survive for long. Then the beautiful teachings of an earlier Prophet of God would be lost. Clergy can be creative in finding interesting and uplifting ways to share their teachings, but their job is to keep their religion intact. However, God sends His Prophets to build on the teachings of His past Prophets, to share God’s Light and Love, to teach His language, and to guide Souls to their Heavenly Home.

Some of my students share experiences in this book of when they were taken to God’s Temples of learning and even to the twelfth Heaven, the primary Abode of God. It is here, in these higher worlds, where students experience God’s truths at a depth of knowingness beyond what is possible by studying physical scripture alone. After reaching this level of spiritual experience, physical scripture comes alive with truth at new and higher levels. At this point one actually values scripture more than they could have possibly valued it before their own personal experience.

There is ALWAYS MORE when it comes to God’s teachings and truth. No one Prophet can teach ALL of God’s ways. It may be that the audience of a particular time in history cannot absorb more wisdom. It could be due to a Prophet’s limited time to teach and limited time in a physical body on Earth. Ultimately, it is that there is ALWAYS MORE! Each of God’s Prophets bring additional teachings, opportunities, and ways to draw closer to God; building on the work and teachings of former Prophets. That is one reason why Prophets of the past ask God to send another; to comfort, teach, and continue to help God’s children grow into greater abundance. Former Prophets continue to have great love for God’s children and want to see them continue to grow in accepting more of God’s Love. One never needs to stop loving or accepting help from a past Prophet in order to grow with the help of the current Prophet. All true Prophets of God work together and help one another to do God’s work.

Prophet Del Hall III